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Edinburgh Napier former staff- we need you!


Upcoming Activities

Earl Haig poppy factory trip. Join us for a tour round the factory on November 30. Let us know you are interested by 20 November, and we will give you further details

Whisky and cake tasting afternoon

A good way to pass a dreich March afternoon, or even a beautiful Spring one. We will provide the whisky and cake. What we need is someone who is knowledgeable about the history of whisky and its different varieties to entertain and educate us! So if you fit the description contact one of us, and help make this a memorable afternoon.


Outings and Activities

Jupiter art land

IMG_0336 IMG_0347

Here you see Sandy Brown, stalwart arranger of xmas lunches and other activities with one the exhibits in the background. The other snap is a group of Enursa members just before they entered the cottage erected over the Andy Gallsworthy bedrock.

As you can see, although the trip was in the summer, the weather was a bit challenging. However, we suffered for the art, and the trip was memorable.